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If you're in payments and interested to not only keep abreast of new developments, but also influence and drive positive change and innovation in the way that merchants take payments from consumers, keeping track of our annual programme of activities is a must!

Future of Payments Conferences

Our Future of Payments Conferences examine what lies on or just over the horizon in payments. These are primarily aimed at ensuring all stakeholders in the Payments Community have visibility of what's new and what is shaping the future direction of payments. We hear from key influencers, standards-setting bodies, and organisations whose innovative approaches provide challenging, informative and inspirational insights upon which to base effective product development and marketing strategies. 

Special Interest Groups

Vendorcom's Special Interest Group (SIG) programme helps the European payments community to better understand and respond to the challenges of current and emerging industry initiatives as well as addressing the role of payments in key merchant market sectors. 

SIGs provide the opportunity for individuals and organisations to contribute on topics on which they are knowledgeable and to learn from others on subjects where they have less experience. 

Networking Evenings

Our regular Networking Evenings offer an invaluable opportunity for individuals to meet with like-minded peers and potential customers; members have found new customers, initiated partnerships and developed collaborative approaches that might otherwise not have taken place without the conversations started at these events. 

If, as a Vendorcom Member, you are interested in registering for more than one event, please use our new Multiple Event Registration option, which enables you to register for any/all of our events whilst only inputting your details once. Please note this feature is only available to Vendorcom Members.
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Manchester Payments Group Meet Up
Peter House, Oxford St, Manchester M1 5AN

The events in the calendar above have been planned wherever possible not to clash with other industry relevant events, including those organised by our members. If you have planned any events which now clash with any of our SIGs, please let us know.

Events in this calendar will be added to and dates may change slightly as a result of the requirement to respond to issues that arise within the industry and may require urgent attention.

If you would like to see further activities added to this calendar or have any questions regarding any of the information included in it, please contact Amanda Rodgers on +44 7793 553150 or at

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