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18/12/18Future of Payments Conference
09/01/19SIG: Hospitality inc QSR, Contactless/NFC and Mobile
16/01/19SIG: Public Sector with Faster Payments
23/01/19SIG: UPT/PT with Parking, Vending, Transit, Fuel/Forecourt, Testing/Accreditation and Contactless/NFC
23/01/19Networking Evening
30/01/19SIG: Legislation & Regulation
06/02/19SIG: Cash
07/02/19SIG: Identity & Authentication
13/02/19SIG: Infrastructure & Comms
19/02/19Partner Event - MPE 2019
27/02/19SIG: Charities including Contactless
27/02/19Networking Evening
28/02/19SIG: Gaming including Prepaid & Stored Value
06/03/19SIG: Remittance
13/03/19SIG: Payment Security & Risk Management including eCommerce
20/03/19SIG: Education including Contactless & NFC, Faster Payments
26/03/19Networking Evening
03/04/19SIG: Mobile
10/04/19SIG: Small & Independent Merchants
08/05/19SIG: Hospitality
15/05/19SIG: Faster Payments with Utilities and DD
15/05/19Networking Evening
22/05/19SIG: Public Sector
12/06/19SIG: Charities
19/06/19SIG: Cash
26/06/19SIG: Legislation & Regulation
26/06/19Networking Evening
27/06/19Future of Payments Conference
03/07/19SIG: Identity & Authentication
10/07/19SIG: Prepaid and Stored Value
17/07/19SIG: Payment Security & Risk Management
24/07/19Networking Evening
11/09/19SIG: Hospitality
11/09/19Networking Evening
18/09/19SIG: Gaming
25/09/19SIG: Faster Payments with Insurance and DD
02/10/19SIG: Public Sector
09/10/19SIG: Charities
09/10/19Networking Evening
10/10/19Future of Payments Conference
16/10/19SIG: Small & Independent Merchants
30/10/19SIG: Legislation & Regulation
06/11/19SIG: Mobile
06/11/19Networking Evening
13/11/19SIG: Cash
20/11/19SIG: Identity & Authentication
27/11/19SIG: Prepaid and Stored Value
04/12/19SIG: Payment Security & Risk Management
04/12/19Networking Evening
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Future of Payments Conference
Partner Event - MPE 2019
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