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Vendorcom Europe is a multi-stakeholder membership organisation that connects seekers, solvers and shapers in the European Payments Community. It has helped shape the collaborative /competitive landscape in payments since launching in 2003 and has developed its reputation over the past 15 years by establishing itself as Europe's definitive forum for keeping in touch with the what's what and who's who in payments. It is the most trusted, independent forum for suppliers and users of payments in Europe. 

Vendorcom is a single point of authoritative, credible, independent information and is the focal point for organisations who are part of, or want to engage with, the European Payments Community and are seeking to understand the dynamics of this diverse sector and its widespread national and regional variances. 


Payments is one of the most rapidly changing areas in business, with developments in Fintech having a direct impact on companies and consumers alike. Whilst innovation and regulation are driving change, the ubiquitous nature of payments, together with the need to maintain resilience and confidence in the security and availability of existing services, means that such change is often constrained. It is therefore essential that all stakeholders have a broad perspective of what affects the payments landscape and understand the wider context in which they are operating. This will not only affect decisions regarding solutions development and product management, but commercial investment, partnering and market exploitation. 

The range of markets which the Payments Community serves, as diverse as retail, public sector, hospitality and transport & ticketing presents a huge challenge as solutions providers seek to better understand and more effectively meet market needs. Only by bringing the suppliers of payments systems together with users in an independently run forum can those market dynamics be fully understood and explored. 

Solutions providers and their customers need to be confident that decisions made by industry influencers reflect the issues and concerns of the stakeholders who will be responsible for implementing change and best most affected by it. 


Vendorcom operates as a membership organisation, offering a range of facilitated activities that bring the Payments Community together. Regular industry networking events, platforms for thought leadership, and forums for knowledge sharing and issues resolution help address key areas of interest: Innovation, Regulation, Resilience, Security, Availability, Market Awareness and User Needs. 

Whilst recognising the regulatory and commercial need for competition, Vendorcom's primary approach is to develop mechanisms for promoting innovation through collaboration. This has been at the centre of Vendorcom's activities since 2003 and is now recognised by the UK's Payment Systems Regulator, Payment Strategy Forum and many other European industry bodies as the most effective way to bring a rapid rollout of cost-effective, market empathetic payments solutions to all areas of this diverse market. 

Vendorcom maintains strong, direct links with government, regulators, standards organisations, and industry influencing bodies, regularly participating in their working groups or opening the opportunity for Vendorcom members to participate in these directly. Vendorcom has direct involvement with the UK Payments Systems Regulator, is an active Participating Organisations in the PCI Security Standards Council and has been an elected member of the Cards Stakeholders Group of the European Payments Council for the past six years. Vendorcom provides the secretariat for the UK's All Party Parliamentary Group on Payment Systems. 

Networking Events

Every month we host a Networking Event for members and other leading organisations from across the European Payments Community - both suppliers and merchants. This offers an invaluable opportunity for individuals to meet with like-minded peers and potential customers; members have found new customers, initiated partnerships and developed collaborative approaches that might otherwise not have taken place. 

Thought Leadership Conferences

Vendorcom runs quarterly Thought Leadership Conferences which examine what lies on or just over the horizon in payments. these are primarily aimed at ensuring al stakeholders in the Payments Community have visibility of what's new and what is shaping the future direction of payments. Vendorcom members will hear from key influencers, standards-setting bodies, and organisations whose innovative approaches provide challenging, informative and inspirational insights. 

Members and delegates will find that Vendorcom's Thought Leadership Conferences are a source of independent, authoritative, coherent information on which to base effective product development and marketing strategies. The Conferences also present an opportunity to find potential partners from amongst the many traditional and innovative payments solutions providers who attend, as well as meeting potential customers from a wide range of target market sectors. 

Special Interest Groups

Vendorcom's Special Interest Group (SIG) programme helps the European Payments Community to better understand and respond to the challenges of current and emerging industry initiatives as well as addressing the role of payments in key merchant market sectors. 

SIG meetings take a variety of formats depending on the topic being covered, typically in seminar style and/or facilitated roundtable discussions with all sessions promoting strong interaction and debate in a way that encourages knowledge sharing and learning amongst the widest possible group of affected stakeholders. SIGs provide the opportunity for individuals and organisations to contribute on topics on which they are knowledgeable and to learn from others on subjects where they have less experience. As part of the SIG programme, we also host facilitated group discussions in response to consultations issued by industry influencers, standards bodies and regulators. 

Recent Industry Issues SIGs have addressed: 

 Contactless, NFC & Mobile Payments, Corporate Payments, Digital &  Cryptocurrencies, Ecommerce Payments, Faster & Direct Account Payments,  Identity & Authentication in Payments, Payments Legislation & Regulation,  Payment Innovation, Payment Security & Risk Management, Traditional  Payments - including cash and cheques.  

Recent Merchant Market SIGs have included: 

Education, Fuel & Forecourt, Hospitality & Leisure, Public Sector, Retail, Small & Independent Merchants, Transport & Ticketing. 

As well as the SIG topics listed above, we continually review over 50 sub-topics to ensure that the industry's most pressing topics are prioritised within the SIG programme. Each month a firm programme is published for the following three months with a provisional programme for the three months beyond that. A rolling annual programme of SIG dates - generally on Wednesdays during term time - but with no fixed topics assigned, is available on the Events section of the Vendorcom website. 


We recognise every organisation which touches the payments ecosystem in Europe as part of the European Payments Community whether they directly use of supply payments solutions or are involved in the many allied areas that impact on this complex industry with its wide-ranging interdependencies. 

Members and participants in Vendorcom are drawn from right across the European Payments Community and include card schemes, issuers, acquirers, security, risk & fraud solutions providers, QSAs, consultancies, EPoS hardware and software solutions vendors, payment gateways, processors, merchants and many other stakeholder groups. In total, we are engaged with over 2000 organisations in the European Payments Community.


There is something on most weeks during the standard term times: mid-January to Easter; Easter to Summer; and Summer to mid-December. There is usually a mid-term break of one week in each term. We also adapt our programme to fit in with the most significant European Payments Industry events, especially those run by Vendorcom Partners. You can check out dates for all of our activities on the Events section of the Vendorcom website. 


Most Vendorcom events are held in or around London as it provides the most convenient location for the majority of our European members and delegates attending our typically one-day events. Where we are running a nationally focused Networking Event, Conference or SIG, we will select the location and venue in consultation with our Programme Advisory Group and members in that country. 


To find out more about becoming part of the Vendorcom community, click here or contact Paul Rodgers on or +44 7785 502605.
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