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Free Webinar hosted by UK Finance and Visa Inc: Working with PSD to Deliver Secure and Frictionless Payments’

Following recent conversations with UK Finance, we are delighted to be able to share with you an invitation to join a free webinar that they are hosting with Visa Inc on 28thJune, looking at ‘Working with PSD to Deliver Secure and Frictionless Payments). Being led by Caroline Birchinall, this webinar will explain how merchants can optimise the payment experience and increase conversion rates whilst being compliant with the SCA requirements of PSD2.

News Item:

Title: Working with PSD to Deliver Secure and Frictionless Payments

Date: 28th June 2019

Time: 2pm (BST)

Duration: 1 hour

Caroline Birchinall, Head of Authentication at Visa explains how merchants can optimise the payment experience and increase conversion rates whilst being compliant with the SCA requirements of PSD2.  The webinar will explore the challenges and solutions to achieving both frictionless and secure payments under the new regulation and take a step by step approach to getting ready for September 14th when the regulation takes effect.

PSD2 requires all digital payments to have strong customer authentication unless they qualify under one of the exemptions or are out of scope.  Merchants in all business segments will benefit from being prepared for the new regulation which presents challenges for all stakeholders in the payments ecosystem.  New authentication technology, 3-D Secure 2.0 is now available and designed to meet the needs of merchants and issuers in delivering frictionless and secure payments.  3DS 2.0 is designed to work across all devices and facilitates the exchange of data to improve risk-based decisions and helps issuers design more user friendly authentication experiences for their cardholders should additional verification be required.  The webinar will guide participants through the workings of 3DS2.0, the advantages over the existing 3DS authentication technology and how they ensure they have it in place in time.

Consumers expect high levels of security and one of the core aims of PSD2 is to reduce fraud.  However, they also have increasingly high expectations about the ease of checkout and limited tolerance of complex processes.  Maintaining high levels of trust in digital payments is a vital ingredient to the continued growth of the digital economy but the same time, there is a balance to be struck to ensure the consumer payment experience is accessible and convenient.

In this webinar, we discuss the options available to merchants, how they can make use of the exemptions, how they identify transactions that are out of scope of the regulation and how they can plan ahead to ensure they optimise the payment experience under PSD2.

In this FREE webinar, the objectives are to: 

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7th June 2019

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