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22nd January 2020

Time: 09:00

Hospitality Payments Forum

The largest and most established of our merchant sector Payments Forums, 2019 saw us lobbying hard to ensure that the FCA understood the challenges posed by SCA for merchants in Hospitality; lobbying which was instrumental in the establishment of the SCA Hotel & Travel SIG Working Group.

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Time: 12:30

Payments Identity & Authentication Forum

In this Forum we'll review the current state of play with SCA from a broad and general payments perspective.

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Time: 17:30

Networking Evening

Networking Evening

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The events in the calendar above have been planned wherever possible not to clash with other industry relevant events, including those organised by our members. If you have planned any events which now clash with any of our SIGs, please let us know.

Events in this calendar will be added to and dates may change slightly as a result of the requirement to respond to issues that arise within the industry and may require urgent attention.

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